Proxy / VPN / Bad IP Detection

Simple Web Interface for proxy / VPN / Bad IP Lookup

How It Works

Given an IP address, the system will return a probabilistic value (between a value of 0 and 1) of how likely the IP is a VPN / proxy / hosting / bad IP. A value of 1 means that IP is explicitly banned (a web host, VPN, or TOR node) by our dynamic lists. Otherwise, the output will return a real number value between 0 and 1, of how likely the IP is bad / VPN / proxy, which is inferred through machine learning & probability theory techniques using dynamic checks with large datasets. Billions of new records are parsed each month to ensure the datasets have the latest information and old records automatically expire. The system is designed to be efficient, fast, simple, and accurate.


The following assumptions must be met for the sake of accuracy and correctness.
  • It is assumed that the IP you're looking up is making a request to your services on an application level. If you block IPs on a lower level, important services such as DNS maybe be blocked which is not desired. Be sure the source IP addresses are correct (not spoofed) if you're trying to protect a UDP based service.
  • If your online services involve multiple servers or external services that interact with your online infrastructure, it is assumed that you do not look up these IPs or the IPs are whitelisted on your system.

Web Interface

The web interface below allows you to quickly lookup IPs without touching any code. It is assumed that the IP you're looking up has made requests to your services on an application level. The web interface uses flags=f which requests full bad IP detection including compromised systems. If you wish to skip full bad IP detection, please use the API instead. A full lookup might take up to 5 seconds to complete because results are generated in real-time. An adaptive and frictionless recaptcha has been put into place to prevent abuse. For all automated lookups, please use the free API.


Want to do more and explore the full set of options and features? The full API documentation is available on the API page
Interpretation of the Results
If a value of 0.50 is returned, then it is as good as flipping a 2 sided fair coin, which implies it's not very accurate. From my personal experience, values > 0.95 should be looked at and values > 0.99 are most likely proxies. Anything below the value of 0.90 is considered as "low risk". Since a real value is returned, different levels of protection can be implemented. It is best for a system admin to test some sample datasets with this system and adjust implementation accordingly. I only recommend automated action on high values ( > 0.99 or even > 0.995 ) but it's always best to manually review IPs that return high values. For example, mark an order as "under manual review" and don't automatically provision the product for high proxy values. Be sure to experiment with the results of this system before you use it live on your projects. If you believe the result is wrong, don't hesitate to contact me, I can tell you why. If it's an error on my end, I'll correct it. If you email me, expect a reply within 12 hours.


No guarantees, warranties, etc, is provided or implied. Use at your own risk. GetIPIntel is not liable for damages or claims of any kind.

Terms of Service

By using this service, you agree to:
  • Not sell this service or information generated from this service, directly or indirectly, without explicit consent.
  • Not use / reuse information generated from this service, directly or indirectly, without giving credit to the source (this website).
  • Not exceed the query limits if you're a free user.
  • Not look up random IPs / incremental IP lookups. The database changes very often so information becomes stale very fast. It just causes a higher server load for no reason.
  • The Terms of Service may change at any given time, without prior notice.


You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, or email. If I do not respond to your email within 24 hours then something wrong, check your spam folder. Please send an email to my gmail address, or contact me via twitter. Ultimately, I want the system to be as accurate as possible, so please let me know if there are any inaccuracies, I'd like to fix the issue. Let me know if you have any custom requirements such as more queries per minute, skip cache so it always gets the latest data and recompute the result, etc.